Know your buds.

We stock some of the finest cannabis in the world, period. All of our products are independently tested at High North Labs, which ensures that we are always providing the highest quality, safest product available. We’re committed to the health and enjoyment of our customers. If it’s not the best, we don’t stock it.

Green like a kale smoothie. And way more fun.

Our delivery service is powered by human muscle. That means no cars, no gas, no oil. The only smoke we produce comes from the weed we are bringing to you. Our products are all sourced locally, so you can be confident knowing your bud hasn’t traveled far to get to you.

We believe there’s always a better way to live on this planet. If anything in our operation isn’t green, we offset with carbon credits until we can innovate a solution. A healthy planet means happy buds and happy humans.

Art is cool.

We think that art and design are essential to a functioning, beautiful society. We also get the feeling that creative people like our product. We want to develop partnerships with local creatives by promoting and supporting them whenever we can. If you have a cool idea or want to work with us, get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

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